About us

LEBOR Law Firm was incorporated in 1990 and was initially established to render assistance to legal entities in the process of their incorporation and to provide consulting services, LEBOR Law Firm has transformed into an entity with multiple practice areas, today it provides legal advice and assistance almost on all branches of the existing Russian law as well as in some cases of international law.  

Our team is a group of people sharing the same ideas and with the same goals in mind. Our team of lawyers and attorneys has significant experience with law enforcement agencies, arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction. Our professionals are ready to provide advice and assistance regardless of time and distance. Highest qualification levels, good faith and commitment to results are key principals of our work.

Our key goal is to do our job and solve your problems so that when you need assistance next time, you will be sure where to search for it – LEBOR Law Firm.

LEBOR Law Firm provides legal assistance and advice on various branches of law, including transaction support services and advice on issues of Civil, Land Use, Tax, Labour, Administrative, Corporate, and Customs Law, as well as Real Estate and Development, Competition, Banking and Finance Law and Intellectual Property Law.

Our professionals carry out legal due diligence and provide practical assistance in hostile takeover cases. 

Our Law Firm renders legal assistance on issues related to protection of honor, dignity and business reputation, as well as on all issues regarding Inheritance and Family Law.

LEBOR Law Firm attorneys provide professional defense and representation services to individuals and legal entities on all stages of the criminal procedures in relation to all crime types and categories, as well as in pre-investigation checks and investigation activities carried out by law enforcement agencies.

Comprehensive services to legal entities is a priority area of LEBOR Law Firm.

LEBOR Law Firm has extensive practical experience on the legal services market, we are proud of our reputation as a reliable and highly professional partner, dynamic and constantly developing.