Our services

Intellectual Property

  • Intellectual property consulting
  • Representation at the Chamber for Patent Disputes, arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction
  • Disputes related to trade and service marks, domain-name disputes, and patent disputes
  • Protection of copyright and related rights
  • Disputes arising out of contracts (License, Franchise, Authorship Agreements)
  • Unfair competition cases, representation at the Federal Antimonopoly Service
  • Disputes related to violation of Advertising Law
  • Legal audit of intellectual property
  • Formation of contracts for intellectual property rights disposal: preparation of Authorship Agreements, Trademark and Software Development Agreements, Know-How Transfer and Confidentiality Agreements
  • Drafting and analysis of clauses of Distribution Agreements, Service Agreements, Agency Agreements and other agreements related to protection of intellectual property, software, personal data and confidential information

Corporate Law

 Corporate and Contract Law Consulting:

  • Legal support of Russian and foreign businesses
  • Advice on securities issue and dealing with them
  • Advice on corporate decision making procedures
  • Advice on shares buy-out in the framework of voluntary or mandatory tender offer
  • Advice on licensing of certain activities

Comprehensive Services for Businesses:

  • Oral and written advice on civil, labour, tax, environmental, copyright and other branches of law
  • Issue of legal opinions, legal vetting of contracts for compliance with legislation and international regulations
  • Drafting of legal documents, including work with contracts (forming of all types of contracts and annexes to them, Amendment Agreements, Termination Agreements, drafting of discrepancy reports to contracts)
  • Complaint management
  • Participation in the Customer’s negotiations with its contractors regarding conclusion of contracts, introduction of amendments into contracts, preparation of discrepancy reports
  • Participation in corporate conflict resolution
  • Drafting of clauses to ensure fulfillment of obligations by parties
  • Drafting of various legal documents and procedures (including statements of claim, motions, requests, statements of counterclaim, defense to a claim, appeal and cassation petitions)
  • Representation in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction
  • Accounting services

Administrative Legal Relations

Defense in Cases Related to Administrative Violations

  • Review and analysis of materials about an administrative violation
  • Preparing legal reasoning for cases about administrative violations
  • Analysis, assessment and formation of evidence
  • Institutional and legal representation by administrative proceedings
  • Defense of rights and interests of affected parties

Disputes Support with National and Local Authorities  

  • Analysis of legality and reasonableness of decisions, actions and demands
  • Appeal of unlawful actions (inaction) of national and local authorities in departmental or judicial proceedings
  • Recovery of losses and damages caused by actions (inaction) of national and local authorities

Administrative Legal Support and Advice

  • Legal assistance by local and national agencies checks
  • Advice on Administrative Law and administrative procedure
  • Assessment of administrative law risks of business projects
  • Representation at national and local authorities

Tax Law

Resolving Tax Disputes:

  • Out-of-court settlement of tax disputes (report objection notices, drafting of claims to superior tax authorities)
  • Appeals to the court against decisions made basing on tax checks, actions/inaction of tax authorities and their officials
  • Litigation to recover losses caused by tax authorities 
  • Legal assistance by VAT recovery, tax refund
  • Support of desk and field tax audit
  • Preparation for and presence at questioning
  • Defense of managers and owners from secondary liability for tax debts of companies

Tax Structuring, Advice, Tax Support:

  • Transactions structuring
  • Tax due diligence of contracts, groups of transactions, investment projects
  • Tax structuring of activities
  • Preparation for tax inspections
  • Tax audit
  • Determination of tax reserves and excess payments
  • Tax risk analysis
  • Tax risks reassessment
  • Oral and written advice on current tax issues

Banking and Finance Law

  • Support of loan and credit transactions, including transactions with various security types
  • Support of subordinated loan transactions
  • Support of syndicated loan and club deals
  • Advice on financial services, including professional services on equity and banking services markets
  • Advice on bank regulation, bank standards and reserves, sanctions impact on financial transactions structure
  • Support of investment activities, advice on investment funds application
  • Advice on noncash settlements, electronic money, e-commerce
  • Advice on issue and execution of bank and independent guarantee
  • Assistance by a financial business structuring
  • Due diligence of financial and investment activities of a business

Real Estate, Land Use, Development

Participation in and Resolving of Real Estate Disputes:

  • Representation in Russian courts regarding all spheres of Land Use and Development Law, Real Estate and Privatization Law
  • Out-of-court disputes resolution

Land Use Law, Real Estate, Development and Privatization Consulting:

  • Consulting on real estate (land plots) purchase and disposal
  • Legal due diligence of real estate units
  • Support of investment projects, development projects and works
  • Comprehensive support of commercial and residential property purchase
  • Drafting of construction contract documents, contract management and legal advice on development projects

Labour Law

Participation in Resolving of Individual and Collective Labour Disputes:

  • Representation of companies and employees in Russian courts
  • Representation in labour conflicts with top-managers
  • Disputes involving trade unions
  • Interaction with the Federal Labour Protection Inspectorate and law enforcement agencies regarding labour rights protection

Labour Law Consulting:

  • Current advice on existing legislation application and complex employment issues
  • Drafting of typical and individual labour contracts
  • Development of HR regulations and provisions
  • HR audit
  • Comprehensive legal advice for customers during negotiations with contractors by labour contracts signing
  • Representation of customers in negotiations (pre-action) procedure on the pre-trial stage in case of conflicts, including mediation tools application

Criminal Practice

  • Advice on Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Defense in criminal cases of any diversity on all stages of investigation and court process
  • Representation of affected parties and witnesses on all stages of criminal litigation